Old Twaalfskill Clubhouse


As you wind your way up the forested drive, you’re welcomed to The Twaalfskill Club.  Nestled in timeless rock and dale, the private golf course and club is miraculously located in the heart of the beautiful, historic City of Kingston, the first capital of New York State.


The desire by the “men and women of stature” in town, for a golf course to satisfy the ever-growing popularity of the game led to the lease of a piece of land owned by Samuel Coykendall (pronounced ‘Kirk-en-dall’) and the Montrepose Cemetery Association. The Twaalfskill Club was incorporated in 1902. However, local historians believe the original club was called The Marsfield Club, which dates back to 1873.

Some of the finest golf courses in the world were designed by nature. The Twaalfskill Club is no exception.  The type of course architecture is called Penal, and is typical of the style of the 1920’s. Small devilish greens and tight landing areas await you. The course will reward accuracy and deft around the greens. Boldness must be used with caution.

Twaalfskill Club Staff

Jeremy Simon-Hughes

Manager of Twaalfskill Club



Christopher Ferraro

Golf Professional of Twaalfskill Club



Greg Johnson

Golf Course Superintendent


Twaalfskill Board of Governors