Summer hours:

  Monday: 2 - 8pm

  Tuesday: 1 - 11pm

  Wednesday: 1 - 11pm

  Thursday: 1 - 11pm

  Friday: 11 - 11pm

  Saturday: 11 noon - 8 pm

  Sunday: 11 noon - 8pm


Clubhouse: 845-331-5577

Pro-shop: 845-331-6266

Email: Clubhouse:

 There is no better time than the present to join the Twaalfskill Club than right now.  Call the Clubhouse and find out about the tremendous promotion running right now for new members.  To receive a free promotional brochure, send an e-mail to:    Marketing

         SEE YOU THERE!

The Twaalfskill Golf Club

282 West O’Reilly St., Kingston, NY 12401