The Twaalfskill Club

282 West O’Reilly St., Kingston, NY 12401


Summer hours:

Monday:  2 - 8pm

Tuesday: 1 - 11pm

Wednesday: 1 - 11pm

Thursday:  1- 11pm

Friday: 11 - 11pm

Saturday: 11 - 8pm

Sunday: 11 - 8pm


The locker rooms are available each day from the time the Clubhouse opens until the Clubhouse closes.

Club Manager: Andrew Connors

Phone: 845.331.5577

Email: andrew@twaalfskillgolf.org

Email: proshop@twaalfskillgolf.org


We are still under construction but are making progress..  If you have any questions or comments, or if you are having trouble with any part of the website, send an e-mail to:  admin@twaalfskillgolf.com.

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