The Twaalfskill Club

282 West O’Reilly St., Kingston, NY 12401.

 Summer Hours:

  Monday:  2 - 8pm

   Tuesday:  1 - 11pm

   Wednesday: 1 - 11pm

   Thursday:  1- 11pm

   Friday:  11 - 11 pm

   Saturday:  11 - 8

   Sunday:  11 - 8pm


Clubhouse: 845-331-5577

Pro-shop: 845-331-6266

Email: Clubhouse:



Nestled in the heart of the historic city of Kingston, New York, lies a private golf course and club with a history as great as the city itself.  The desire by the men and women “of stature”in town, for a golf course to satisfy the ever-growing popularity of the game led to the lease of a piece of land owned by Samuel Coykendall and the Montrepose Cemetery Association.  The Twaalfskill Club was born and the year was 1902.  The grand opening was celebrated in May 1903.

fifth green.

A view of the fifth green, the end of a very long par 5!


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